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Fermenting the Harvests

The last few weeks I have been busy fermenting some of the veggies I have been  harvesting recently. Fermenting is one of my favorite ways to preserve the harvests as well as to add extra flavor to things like cabbage … Continue reading

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Smoking Peppers, Again

For the last few years I have been smoking both sweet and hot peppers from our garden. I usually turn the sweet ones into smoked paprika, while I do several things with the hot ones. Sometimes I smoke whole jalapenos, … Continue reading

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Collard Kraut and Other Fermenting

This is the time of year I typically ferment a lot of vegetables from the garden. The cool fall weather provides good growing conditions for things like cabbage, kohlrabi and radishes, all of which are tasty when fermented. This year … Continue reading

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Greasy Beans, Half-Runners and Other Bean Talk

The last few years I’ve become fascinated with growing various types of heirloom pole beans. Many have interesting descriptive names like “greasy beans”, “cornfield beans” and “half-runners”. It was confusing to me at first, but I managed to learn the … Continue reading

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Homemade Kimchi, Two Ways

The ingredients that follow are for the seasoning paste, and should make enough for a quart jar of kimchi. You can scale it up or down as needed, and I often double or triple it to make more than one … Continue reading

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