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Looking Back on 2017, by the Month

For my last post of the year I thought I would share some of what I did in 2017. I started the year someplace warm, with tropical breezes and sandy beaches. Before returning home my wife and I enjoyed a … Continue reading

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Making Homemade Mustard

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks making homemade mustard. While it keeps for a long time in the refrigerator, I find the flavor gradually starts to diminish with time, so I like to make a fresh batch every … Continue reading

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It’s Soapmaking Time Again

Last week after Thanksgiving my wife and I stayed inside to avoid all of the Black Friday shopping frenzy and made soap instead. We’ve been making cold-process soaps for almost six years now. Our interest in soaps came about after … Continue reading

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The Brown Gold Roadster

Having a mentor to advise and teach you is a wonderful way to advance your skills in any given area. My first gardening mentor was someone I never met in person, but every week I eagerly welcomed him into my … Continue reading

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Homemade: Coffee Lip Balm

You can easily size the recipe to fit the container(s) you have. For example, the oval tubes I use each hold .15 oz/4.25g. I like to work in grams for the small amount I usually make, so if I want … Continue reading

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