Seed Starting Info

Seed Starting Information

I often get asked questions about my various seed starting activities. Every year I start hundreds of plants from seed, and since I first began gardening some 40 years ago I’ve learned a few tricks and made plenty of mistakes along the way. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned in the hopes that others will be successful in their own seed starting adventures.

Starting plants from seeds is fun and easy, and if with a little planning and effort you will be rewarded not only with your own healthy seedlings, but also with the satisfaction that you grew them yourself. This page has links to some information I’ve put together on starting your own plants from seed.

seed starting supplies

seed starting supplies

My Seed Starting and Planting Schedule is here. This schedule is applicable to those who have a USDA Zone 6b growing climate like ours in Southern Indiana.

And for specific information on how to start plants from seeds, here are the highlights of a seed starting presentation I gave to Master Gardeners a few years back. I call it Seed Starting 101.

There’s a lot of confusion among gardeners and the general public about hybrids and heirlooms, and which are better to eat and grow. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the hype from the facts. Which prompted me to write: A Primer: Hybrids, Heirlooms and Open-Pollinated Varieties to try and help make sense of it all.