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Collard Kraut and Other Fermenting

This is the time of year I typically ferment a lot of vegetables from the garden. The cool fall weather provides good growing conditions for things like cabbage, kohlrabi and radishes, all of which are tasty when fermented. This year … Continue reading

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Fall Fermenting

I’m starting to harvest lots of fall veggies here, and that means it’s time to get busy fermenting some of them. Fermenting is my favorite way to preserve brassicas like cabbage, kohlrabi and radishes.  We will be enjoying jars of … Continue reading

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Fermenting Kohlrabi Three Ways

With the spring planted kohlrabi coming in from the garden, now is the time to begin fermenting it to turn it into kraut, pickles and kimchi. In the past, my two favorite things to do with kohrabi were to make … Continue reading

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2016 Most Visited Pages

When I started this blog back in 2009, I had no idea where it was really headed, or if anyone would even read it for that matter. I figured I would blog about things that interested me, mainly gardening, food … Continue reading

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More Fermenting Fun

I thought I would share a quick update on some of my latest fermenting activities. For the last year or so it seems there has always been something cooking on the kitchen countertop, and that’s no less true today in … Continue reading

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