2016 Vegetable List

I’m sure there will be changes to my list, but this is my current lineup of what I plan on growing this year. Varieties I am growing for the first time are marked with an *.

Asian Greens: Komatsuna Carlton, Mizspoona, Mizuna Kyoto, Pak Choi Mei Qing, Tokyo Bekana, Yukina Savoy

Basil: Cardinal*, Corsican*, Italian Pesto, Licorice*, Persian*, Profuma di Genova, Rosie*, Sacred, Sweet Thai

Beans (bush): Derby

Beans (pole):  Fortex, Gold Marie, Good Mother Stallard, Lazy Wife Greasy, Musica, Poletschka*, Red Noodle, Robe Mountain, Trionfo Violetto

Beans (Tepary): Black*, Blue Speckled, Sacaton Brown

Broccoli: Apollo, Artwork*, Bay Meadows*, Belstar*, Green Magic, Gypsy, Goliath, Packman, Spigariello Foglia Liscia, Spigariello Foglia Riccia

Broccoli Raab: Cima di Rapa Quarantino, Cima di Rapa Quarantina Riccia di Sarno

Cabbage: Chieftain Savoy*, Farao, KY Cross, Katarina*, Little Jade*, Melissa Savoy*, Soloist, Tendersweet

Cucumber: Corinto, Diva, Green Fingers, Manny, Summer Dance, Tasty Jade

Eggplant: Dancer, Fairy Tale, Galine, Millionaire, Nadia, Shikou*

Garlic: Asian Tempest, Carpathian, German Red, Idaho Silver, Killarney Red, Lorz Italian, Maiskij, Nootka Rose, Red Janice, Red Toch, Russian Red, Shilla, Siciliano, Silver White, Simonetti, Spanish Roja, Uzbek, Xian

Greens: Apollo arugula, Golden Corn Salad, Granon Corn Salad*, Speedy arugula

Herbs: Bronze Fennel, Chervil Brussels Winter*, Cilantro Calypso, Cilantro Marino*, Dill Dukat, Dill Leafy Diana*

Kale: Baltic Red*, Beedy’s Camden, Dazzling Blue, Gulag Stars*, Lacinato, Madeley*, Prizm*, Red Ursa, Sutherland, Western Front, White Russian, Wild Garden Mix

Kohlrabi: Kolibri, Konan*, Kossak, Superschmeltz, Winner

Lettuce: Anuenue, Black Seeded Simpson, Cardinale, Hanson*, Jester, Oak Leaf, Outredgeous, Outstanding, Pele*, Radichetta, Red Sails, Red-Tinged Winter*, Sierra, Simpson Elite, Slobolt, Smile, Tall Oaks*, Tango, Three Heart*, Total Clown*, Unicum, Winter Density

Onion: Candy, Red Torpedo Tropea, Sierra Blanca

Parsley: Georgian Flatleaf*, Giant of Italy, Moss Curled, Splendid, Tall Italian

Peas: Avalanche*, Oregon Sugar Pod 2, Sugar Ann

Pepper(hot): Aji Amarillo*, Aji Angelo, Aji Golden, Aji Lemon Drop*, Aji Panca, Aleppo*, Anaheim, Ancho 211, Bastan*, Biggie Chili, Cajun Belle*, Cayenneta, Chimayo*, Criolla Sella Chili*, Czechoslovakian Black*, Flaming Flare*, Fooled You, Guajillo*, Hot Happy Yummy, Holy Mole, Kaleidoscope, Leutschauer Paprika, Malawi Piquante, Maras*, Maule’s Red Hot, Minero, Ozark Chili*, PCR Paprika*, Pepperoncino, Sanliurfa Kiraz*, Senorita Jalapeno*, Thai Bird, Urfa*

Pepper (sweet): Big Bertha, Carmen, Celia Dulce*, Cornito Giallo*, Corno di Toro Rosso*, Dulce Rojo, Early Sunsation, Escamillo*, Feher Ozon Paprika, Flavorburst, Friggitello*, Glow, Sweet Happy Yummy, Jimmy Nardello’s, Orange Blaze, Stocky Red Roaster, Topepo Rosso

Potato: German Butterball, Kennebec, Red Pontiac

Radish: Alpine, Minowase Summer Cross, Miyashige, Shunkyo

Spinach: Gigante Inverno (Giant Winter), Space, Verdil*, Viroflay

Squash(summer): Astia*, Bossa Nova*, Clarimore, Enterprise, Gentry, Kumi Kumi, Raven, Romanesco, Spineless Beauty, Striato d’Italia, Sunburst, Tatume, White Scallop

Squash(winter):  Butternut Rugosa*, Butterscotch*, Cornell’s Bush Delicata, Early Butternut, Gold Nugget, Honey Nut*, Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck, Pepitas Pumpkin*, Seminole, Sugarloaf*, Sweet Dumpling, Thai Rai Kaw Tok, Tromba d’Albenga

Sweet Potatoes: Beauregard, Barberman*, Bonita, Garnet*, Hatteras*, Indiana Gold*, Ivis White Cream*, Korean Purple*, Purple, Red Japanese*, Redmar*

Tomatoes: Better Boy, Black Cherry, Blush, Candyland Red*, Captain Lucky*, Celebrity, Champagne*, Chef’s Choice Green*, Chef’s Choice Orange, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Eva Purple Ball, Golden Rave, Garden Gem*, Garden Treasure*, Golden Rave, Green Tiger, Health Kick, Jazz*, Jetsetter, Juliet, Lucinda*, Maglia Rosa*, Marzano Fire*, Mexico Midget, Orange Caprese*, Purple Bumblebee*, Rio Grande, Spike*, Sun Gold, Sun Sugar, Sunrise Bumblebee*, Super Sweet 100, Vinson Watts, Viva Italia

Turnips: Hakurei, Oasis, Mikado*, Royal Crown, Tsugaru Scarlet

6 Responses to 2016 Vegetable List

  1. Denise says:

    Hi Dave!

    Looking over your seed lists and then going back through your site (which I read all the time-wish you and your wife were our neighbors!) I got interested in some varied hot peppers and ordered a few from Refining Fire Chiles, aji panca, malawi piquante and aleppo. Man is he fast with shipping, I just ordered them Sunday and they arrived today! I read the sheet he sent with them and I was wondering if you start your seeds that way or if you start them the same way you do your other pepper seeds? I mean about the soaking, etc he recommended. Peppers always take a notoriously long time to germinate but I help them along with bottom heat and I put them upstairs on the loft which is always warmer due to our gas fireplace. I had germination in a little over a week by doing that. It’s a little late in the seed starting time for peppers for me (zone 6b-7a) and I want to get these in starter mix ASAP so didn’t plan on fussing with them any more than I do my others. Have you grown yours the same as all your others or do you follow his guidelines? Thanks! Great site, thanks for the detail you provide!

    • Dave says:

      Hi Denise,

      I start all my pepper seeds much the same way as you, using bottom heat with a heat mat and under fluorescent lights. I don’t soak them before hand, and I’ve had good results that way. I’m planning on starting mine in a few days, hopefully this weekend!

      • Denise says:

        Great, thanks for the reply. Will be planting more peppers tomorrow, looking forward to trying these new ones.


  2. Dorine says:

    Wow! I’m totally jealous of all the great variety of veggies you have planned for this season. I’m planning on trying out fairy tale & rosa bianca eggplants in containers this year. Did you ever get to testing the smart pots vs. regular containers for these? Just wondering which one to try.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Dorine,

      In my climate I decided the smart pots I was using dried out too fast. I use large plastic pots now for my containers grown eggplants and peppers.

      • Dorine says:

        Thanks Dave for your quick response. I’m even warmer in zone 7, so I will try the large plastic containers this year. Happy Growing!

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