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Digging The Sweet Potatoes

I planted the sweet potatoes here back in early June. I tilled up the bed first, amended the soil, then made a ridge of loose soil that is 8 to 10 inches high and about as wide. Then I set … Continue reading

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Monday Recap: Hot and Sweet

It’s pepper season here at HA, with both hot and sweet varieties making appearances in the harvest basket. I’ve been eagerly waiting to get enough ripe hot ones to make hot sauce, and last Friday was the day. In the … Continue reading

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The Brown Gold Roadster

Having a mentor to advise and teach you is a wonderful way to advance your skills in any given area. My first gardening mentor was someone I never met in person, but every week I eagerly welcomed him into my … Continue reading

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Digging, Drying and Clearing

I love living in a place where there are distinct and different seasons, and we definitely have four different ones here in Southern Indiana. I also look forward to each of those seasons, some perhaps more than others, and to … Continue reading

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Impact Community Garden Gets Compost Bins

I’m just putting the finishing touches on some new compost bins at the Impact Community Garden. We decided we needed to do a better job of dealing with our garden waste, and I volunteered to make the composter. I made … Continue reading

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