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My Five Favorite Zucchini Recipes

Summer squash is a prolific producer in the garden and so versatile in the kitchen.  My wife likes to say that if everyone planted a few hills of squash, we could feed the world. And for that reason I do … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Chocolate and cherries are a classic combination. Of course, they are both very tasty on their own, but put them together and they are truly a match made in heaven. The marriage of the two has given us the Black … Continue reading

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2013 Top 5 Reader Favorites

It’s always fun to see what folks are reading here on my blog. When I first started it, I had no idea if anyone would even be reading it. I generally write about things that interest me, and I never … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Recap

I thought I would start the week by doing a little recap of projects I have finished and ones I am currently working on. But first, let me say I responded to the blast of cold weather we had last … Continue reading

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Light Rye Sandwich Buns

I call these ‘light rye’ buns because the percentage of rye is around 30%, which gives them a subtle rye flavor without being overpowering. Since I grind all of our whole grains using our NutriMill grain mill, I use freshly … Continue reading

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