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Impact Community Garden Gets Compost Bins

I’m just putting the finishing touches on some new compost bins at the Impact Community Garden. We decided we needed to do a better job of dealing with our garden waste, and I volunteered to make the composter. I made … Continue reading

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Impact Community Garden Fall Update

I promised an update on the Impact Community Garden and here it is (finally). We had a sweet potato digging party there this week, and I took the opportunity to bring my camera and get a few photos of the … Continue reading

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Growing Asian Vegetables: Mizuna

Are you familiar with mizuna? It’s quite possible you and many others have eaten mizuna and never realized it, since it’s a common ingredient in salad green mixes you find at the grocery. And there’s a good reason it finds its way into those mixes. Mizuna is quick and easy to grow, cold hardy, mild tasting, and very lovely to look at too. The crisp leaves are sturdy and keep well after harvest, and they add some ‘loft’ to salad mixes. Mizuna is also tasty when cooked, useful in soups, lightly steamed, or stir-fried by itself or with other vegetables and meats. And that makes it pretty versatile in the kitchen as well as in the garden. Continue reading

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March Harvest Madness

It’s hard to believe it is already March, and time for many folks in the U.S. to catch the annual basketball fever called March Madness. I’m not much into b-ball, but I am knee deep in my own brand of … Continue reading

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A Surprise Harvest – Overwintered Collards

This winter of 2011-12 has been interesting. We’ve had only about 1″ of snow so far, and very mild weather in general. That has given us plenty of eating choices with our overwintered vegetables, and some real surprises. Collard greens … Continue reading

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