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Feed Me!

That’s what the baby house wrens are saying every time I am around the nest box. Feed me mamma! Or pappa, doesn’t matter, just FEED ME! The babies are about 12 days old now, and starting to grow feathers and … Continue reading

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Wren Update

They grow up so fast! The young wrens are now one week old, and starting to look like birds. I count at least 5 beaks in the nest, but there are probably one or two more. I’m keeping my visits … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

I normally visit the fine feathered folks at Curbstone Valley to have a Fowl Friday, but this Friday we have one of our own to celebrate. It seems that sometime in the last 20 hours or so the baby wrens … Continue reading

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New Residents

I’ve been hoping to attract bluebirds to the nesting boxes at Happy Acres since we moved here three years ago. The bluebirds were here checking out the boxes earlier this year, but apparently someone else beat them to it. I’ve … Continue reading

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