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This and That

I’ve been busy the last couple of days doing inventory on my seed stores and planning my 2016 seed orders. I store most of my seeds in ziploc bags inside plastic boxes, organized into various groups like brassicas, salad greens, … Continue reading

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Nesting Chickadees

I was pleased today to learn the true identity of the birds nesting in one of the PVC nest boxes in our back yard. I had posted the below photo on my FB page on Saturday, after I was convinced … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Washboarding

I’ve read about it. I’ve even seen videos posted by other beekeepers. But yesterday I saw it for the first time with my own eyes. And it was right in my own backyard! Well, right on the front of my … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Last Peek at Baby Bluebirds

The baby bluebirds are growing up fast. In another 7 or 8 days, they will probably start leaving the nest. Here’s a last peek at the 2012 baby bluebirds. Continue reading

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Baby Bluebirds in August

For the last couple of years, bluebirds have been regular residents here at Happy Acres.  I knew when we first moved here that it was prime habitat for them, with plenty of grassy, open areas. We saw our first bluebirds … Continue reading

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