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Nesting Chickadees

I was pleased today to learn the true identity of the birds nesting in one of the PVC nest boxes in our back yard. I had posted the below photo on my FB page on Saturday, after I was convinced … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Splish Splash, Taking a Bath

Despite having lots of rain all summer, the birdbath is really getting a workout lately. I guess sometimes nothing beats a real bath! The birdbath is located in what I call the Wild Garden, which features plantings for all sorts … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: March Potpourri

It’s hard to believe March is almost over. There are so many things happening around here so much earlier than usual, I decided to capture some images while I could. So here we go – starting with some of the … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Busy Bluebirds

With a mild winter and an early spring, it’s no surprise that the local birds have responded with nest building activity. Last week I noticed the bluebirds had finished a nest in one of the PVC nest boxes. This was … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Blue Morning

One morning this week a pair of bluebirds came to visit. So naturally I dropped what I was doing and grabbed my camera. It is likely they are the same pair that nested here this year. If so, I didn’t … Continue reading

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