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Lavender Goat Milk Soap Update

The Lavender Goat Milk soap we made last week has been cut and is now curing in the basement. Cold process soap needs to cure to allow the PH to stabilize, and for some of the water to evaporate. The … Continue reading

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Soap Day

Today was soap making day at Happy Acres. Last year we starting making our own bar soaps, using what is called cold process soapmaking. We made so much last year that this will be the first time this year we … Continue reading

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My Lettuce Isn’t Perfect, And I’m OK About That

We try our best to not let anything go to waste here at Happy Acres. My parents grew up during the Great Depression, when food was often hard to come by, and they taught me to not be wasteful. “Waste … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look

This week my wife and I went to a viewing of the documentary Fresh The Movie. The viewing was sponsored by a local food coop. We missed an earlier showing sponsored by our meat CSA), which is how we first … Continue reading

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In A Lather

Thursday was soap making day here at Happy Acres. We’ve got several new creations we want to try, and after a busy summer it was finally time to get down to it. And since so much time is spent on … Continue reading

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