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Homemade: Coffee Lip Balm

You can easily size the recipe to fit the container(s) you have. For example, the oval tubes I use each hold .15 oz/4.25g. I like to work in grams for the small amount I usually make, so if I want … Continue reading

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Homemade: Chocolate Lip Balm

The chocolate you choose makes a big difference in the finished product. You want to use something with a high percentage of cacao in it. I used a 70% bittersweet for one batch, and a semi-sweet chocolate bar for another. … Continue reading

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Homemade: 2013 Christmas Ornament

Once again, my wife and I both made Christmas ornaments this year. I started this tradition back in in 2005, when we were still dating. That year I decorated a papier mache birdhouse that I painted and sprinkled with glitter. … Continue reading

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More Soaping Adventures and Lessons Learned

I don’t think anybody likes to talk about their mistakes. I know I don’t. But what my wife and I thought was a major soap making mess up from over a year ago has turned into a happy ending, or … Continue reading

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Homemade: 2012 Christmas Ornament

Just in time for Christmas, I finished making my new ornament. As is our custom, I waited until Christmas morning to hang it on the tree. I wound up not using paint and stencils after all, because I didn’t like … Continue reading

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