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Herb Infused Iced Tea

Tea is pretty much the beverage of choice here at Happy Acres. And for much of the year, that means iced tea. There is almost always a pitcher of tea available here for me and my wife to drink, or … Continue reading

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Homemade: Calendula Infused Oil

A couple of weeks ago I talked about growing and drying one of my favorite garden plants: Calendula. Now I want to continue this little mini-series by talking about how to make a Calendula oil infusion. Simply put, infusion is … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Calendula

Normally I do a spotlight on a specific variety of a plant, but today’s spotlight is on a species of flowering plant that has been grown in gardens for centuries: Calendula officianalis. The cheery orange or yellow blossoms of Calendula … Continue reading

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Drying Herbs

In the herb garden, some of the perennial herbs are showing flower buds, which tells me it is time to begin harvesting for drying. Actually, the sage and English Thyme have been flowering for some time now. I just let … Continue reading

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