Memorial Day Bluebird Babies

Right on schedule, the bluebird eggs began hatching yesterday, 13 days after the last one was laid. The normal incubation period for bluebirds is 12-14 days.

When I checked yesterday morning around 9am, there were 5 eggs in the nest box. By 5pm, 4 of them had hatched. When I went out early this morning, all five were hatched, and they were wanting breakfast.

day old bluebirds in nest box (click on any image to enlarge)

The male and female will be busy for the next few weeks, feeding and tending to the young. The bluebirds typically fledge when they are 17-18 days old, though it can be a few days sooner or later.

feed me

I have installed a raccoon baffle on the mounting pole. The baffle serves to keep predators like raccoons and snakes from climbing the pole and disturbing the nest.

black metal baffle installed on conduit mounting pole

While I was taking these photos, the female went in the nest box with food. In the last photo she is half in, half out of the entrance hole.

female bluebird leaving nest box

We’re celebrating Memorial Day quietly here at home. Today I extend my thanks to all those who have given their lives while serving our country.

cemetery in the early morning

We will always remember your service.

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