Confused, But Welcome

I normally think of Amaryllis bulbs as being holiday bloomers – with the holiday usually being Christmas. But this older plant of mine didn’t bloom last winter. I figured that was it, no blooms for this year, which isn’t all that unusual.


amaryllis bloom in May (click on any image to enlarge)

But then, a few weeks ago I saw the beginnings of a flower bud. What? It’s going to bloom now, just in time for Memorial Day?


double red blossom of Ragtime amaryllis

This one is Ragtime, with a fiery red double blossom. It may be confused about which holiday, but we are happy to see it bloom any old time it wants to!

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2 Responses to Confused, But Welcome

  1. Jody says:

    What a treat! Who knows maybe the flower has a cousin or uncle who fought in Vietnam or something.

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