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Homemade: Plantain Anti-Itch Salve and Lotion Bars

It’s summer, and that means many folks are spending a lot of time outdoors, me included. And often times that also means we get itchy from mosquito bites, poison ivy and other rashes and skin irritations. Fortunately, one way to … Continue reading

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Homemade: Plantain Infused Oil

Last week I did a Spotlight on Plantain, a common plant that is so very useful for treating minor insect bites, rashes and other skin irritations. Today I want to talk about making an infused oil with it. Infusion is … Continue reading

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Monday Recap: The June Swoon

It is June, and I am almost giddy with excitement. And why is that, you might ask? Because the garden is mostly all planted and I am through babysitting hundreds of little plants. That seems to happen every year about … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Plantain

Today’s Spotlight is on a plant that is probably familiar to many, even if not exactly well-known. Plantain is possibly the most widely distributed medicinal plant in the world. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, it can now be … Continue reading

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