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November Harvests of Orange, Green and More

Fall is my favorite time of year to garden. The pace is so much slower now and more enjoyable to me, not to mention that some of the tastiest things are at their best right about now. Like carrots, for … Continue reading

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First Fruits

It is now the exciting time of year when the garden is starting to give up its first fruits. They are much anticipated, long awaited, and always appreciated here. We are only going to get a few cherries, but we … Continue reading

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Planting and Growing in May

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of planting here as temperatures warmed up a bit and rains slacked off enough to let the soil start to dry out. First up for planting were the indeterminate caged tomatoes. … Continue reading

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Stars of the Garden in 2012

Every year I like to do a review of some of the year’s best performers in the garden. With most of 2012 behind us, I think now is a good time to spotlight some of the stars of 2012, as … Continue reading

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November Harvests

We are finally in a slower period of the harvest season here at Happy Acres. Cooler temps and shorter days have definitely slowed the vegetables growth down, even as the frosts have made some of the harvests sweeter. Like the … Continue reading

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