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Pumpkin Smackdown 2014

I took advantage of somewhat cooler temperatures yesterday to heat up the oven and bake some of the 2014 winter squashes. I call it a Pumpkin Smackdown, and last year the Smackdown turned into an all-day baking marathon that left … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Kumi Kumi Squash

Lately I have become fascinated with heirloom vegetables, especially the winter squashes. There is such diversity in sizes, shapes and colors, and I find myself wanting to grow them all. These long-keeping vegetables are a mainstay of our winter diet … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Smackdown

I debated about what to call this project. Was is a smackdown or a throwdown? Or maybe a bake-off? I finally decided to call it a smackdown, since Merriam-Webster defines that as “a confrontation between rivals or competitors.” In this … Continue reading

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Soap Making and Custard Baking

So, you might be wondering, what do making soap and baking custard have to do with one another? Not much, really, except they were the two notable things I did on Saturday. And I thought that while neither of those … Continue reading

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