Photo Friday: Blue Morning

One morning this week a pair of bluebirds came to visit. So naturally I dropped what I was doing and grabbed my camera.

female bluebird

It is likely they are the same pair that nested here this year. If so, I didn’t see any of the young birds with them.

female and male bluebirds on top of nesting box

They only stayed a while, checking out the accommodations.

male bluebird exiting nest box

I am hoping they will be back next spring. It is so nice having bluebirds around the house!

bluebird male

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3 Responses to Photo Friday: Blue Morning

  1. They must have heard about the competitive rental market, and want to secure their accommodations early 😉 I hope they nest there again in spring, you’re lucky to be able to watch them so closely.

  2. Mike says:

    I have been enjoying the little Chickadee birds in our garden, they have been eating whatever seeds they can find off amaranth and stealing from the chickens grain dish all month. No Blue birds though.

  3. kitsapFG says:

    What a charming pair! We are mostly down to chickadees at this time of year. I did see a bluejay about a week ago but I think he was just passing through.

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