Harvest Monday: Green & Red

The harvests last week seemed to mostly involve the colors green and red. In the green camp we had:


Garlic Scapes


The broccoli was bluish-green

Piracicaba broccoli

In the red zone we had:



The radicchio harvest seemed to be both green and red:

Radicchio Rossa Di Chioggia and Tauro

Our most memorable meal from the week’s bounty was the day we made pesto and used it on pita pizzas. We made one batch of sun-dried tomato pesto using the arugula, and another batch of garlic scape pesto. The garlic scape pesto was pretty simple to make, with the scapes chopped into small pieces then combined in the food processor with olive oil and walnuts. I then stirred in Parmesan cheese and salt to taste. The pizzas were so good we made another batch the next day – same ingredients!

pita pizzas

We got almost 12 pounds of strawberries (about 8 quarts), 1.5 quarts of cherries, and 7 pounds of broccoli. I also harvested the last of the spring kohlrabi, about 3 pounds of it. Throw in a few scallions and the total harvest for the week was 28 pounds.

For more gardener’s harvests, visit Daphne’s Dandelions and see what’s growing!

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