Cherry, Cherry

It’s cherry time here at Happy acres!

This tree was here when we arrived, so we don’t know the variety. We have two more cherry trees we did plant, but they are still small and only have a few cherries on them. The big tree is loaded this year, after getting zapped by late freezes last year. So far the birds haven’t gotten too many, and seem to be preferring the mulberries.

The cherries were dripping with dew early this morning.

I see a cobbler in the near future!

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5 Responses to Cherry, Cherry

  1. Robin says:

    My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures 🙂

  2. vrtlaricaana says:

    Birds ate all my early cherries. I still have few cherry trees that will produce later, but somehow I think that birds will be faster again.

    You have lovely looking cherries!

  3. Judy says:

    Oh my those cherries look so good! It’s a bit too warm down here to grow cherries so I usually get my fruit from my husband’s uncle in Kentucky. They have so many cherries every year that they just beg people to come and pick them so they do not go to waste. I am hoping that they will have another bumper crop season this year. The cherries they have are tart and make great pies. It looks like your cherries are of the sweet variety?

    • Villager says:

      No, they are the tart varieties. I’ve not had a lot of luck with sweet cherries in our area. We planted a Montmorency on dwarfing rootstock and a Northstar which is naturally dwarf. Both do well here once established. I had 2 Northstar trees at my old place and they were outstanding. I’m guessing the tree that was already planted when we bought this place was a Montmorency. That’s the one in the photos.

  4. Angela says:

    Lovely cherries, and lovely photos! I hope the birds spare your tree and you get to enjoy your cobbler.

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