Harvest Monday, March 29, 2010

This weeks harvest was pretty much All About Spinach. I harvested over 2 pounds of it, and it went into a variety of dishes.

We made some fresh whole wheat spinach pasta, which turned out a lovely shade of bright green. We made another batch of plain whole wheat pasta, and we cut both of these by hand into broad noodle shapes. We mixed them together and they cooked in no time.

I served this with some 2009 marinara sauce from the freezer. I made some Parmesan spinach cakes to go with the pasta, using some of our homemade ricotta cheese. It all made for a meal that would have made Popeye proud!

I also harvested a little bit of choy sum, the last of the Golden pak choi and a few salad greens.

So this weeks harvest tally is:

Asian greens(13 oz)

Spinach(36 oz)

Lettuce and salad greens (6 oz)

Total Harvest 3.9 lbs

To see other gardeners’ harvests, or to add your own, visit Harvest Monday at Daphne’s Dandelions.

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