Early Spring Update

I took a walk around the gardens this week to take some photos and see how things are coming along this spring. I think it’s nice to document the progress everything is making, and the photos come in handy later on when dates and details get fuzzy.

The window boxes I planted early in March have come along nicely. I’ve already been harvesting the arugula and a few of the lettuce leaves.

window boxes planted with salad greens

I also wanted to show the very large leaves of the Gigante Inverno spinach. This plant has been simply amazing for us this year. For such big leaves, they are thin and very tender. This is the first time I’ve grown this Italian heirloom, but it sure won’t be the last!

Gigante Inverno spinach

The bed under the cold frame was also planted in early March and is doing nicely. I’ve harvested some of the lettuces and replanted already.

I actually found time to make another cold frame a couple of weeks ago. This one is sitting over a mixed bag of plants – curly endive, radicchio and kohlrabi. The micro climate inside the cold frames will speed up plant growth quite a bit, and offers shelter from the sometimes raw and windy weather of early spring. It also discourages nibbling by rabbits, though it’s no help with the moles and voles.

Moving out into other areas of the yard and gardens, plants are definitely “springing” up and out. The lilac bushes are showing lots of flower buds. They should be opening in about a week or less.

The blackberries are leafing out, but there’s no sign of blossoms yet. It will be a while before they start showing. The canes are nice and healthy looking, with no signs of winter damage.

Apache thornless blackberry leafing out

And I couldn’t resist this last shot of the sweet woodruff in the shade garden. The wet summer last year helped it spread more than usual, so I will have to pot some up for the MG plant sale to keep it in bounds. The froggie was a gift from  my parents many years ago.

The temperatures are supposed to warm up to near 80F here later in the week, so I expect a lot of growth from everything. We are still a couple of weeks away from our average last frost date, so the hopefully the warm temps won’t fool plants into early growth only to get nipped later on!

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5 Responses to Early Spring Update

  1. Your Gigante Inverno spinach looks wonderful! Looks like your lilac will burst with blooms very soon. Can’t wait to see it in full flower.

  2. vrtlaricaana says:

    Lettuce and spinach looks wonderful! Was lettuce sown in early March, o just transplanted from indoors? It looks very big if it was sown a month ago.

  3. Karen says:

    Very nice! I will have to remember to try that variety of spinach next year. I started my greens about the same time as you and have also been using the arugula to spice up our meals.

  4. Holly says:

    All those lovely lettuces and greens, but my favorite part of this post is that wonderfully jaunty frog! Keeping a gentle eye over the shade garden, no doubt….

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