Forgive me for shouting, but WE HAVE BLUEBIRDS! Can you tell I am excited???

We saw our first bluebirds at Happy Acres this week. I had them for years at my old place across the river. They were there already on the old farmstead when I showed up in 1984, and their descendants were still there in 2007 when I packed up to move here. I saw countless generations of young bluebirds fledge from nesting boxes I had made out of rough-sawn cedar. They were my ever-present companions when I worked outside, as they perched on fence posts and tomato cages while waiting to swoop down and catch insects. Though not really noted for their songs, I still loved to listen to their chirps, gurgles and chortles. I left the new owners (and their two young boys) a bluebird book and some nest boxes in hopes they would carry on the tradition.

Here are some photos from 2006, which was a good year to photograph bluebirds:

bright blue male perched on shepherd

bright blue male perched on shepherd’s hook

young bluebird with speckled breast, sitting on tomato cage waiting to be fed

young bluebird with speckled breast, sitting on tomato cage waiting to be fed

older juvenile bluebird on roof

older juvenile bluebird on roof

Here at HA, I just happened to be going by a window Thursday when I saw a flash of blue fly by. It was a small flock of about 4 bluebirds. I grabbed the camera and was able to get one out-of-focus shot of a male sitting on a shepherd’s hook right outside our kitchen door:

fuzzy photo of male bluebird

fuzzy photo of male bluebird

The point and shoot camera chose to focus on the background instead of the bluebird, which is one reason a new digital SLR is on our wish list for 2010. But the good news is that the bluebirds came back on Friday! This time I was able to get a little better photo of a female perched in the mulberry tree:

female bluebird in mulberry tree

female bluebird in mulberry tree

I’ve got a couple of nesting boxes out for them, so I hope they were here to scout out future lodging arrangements. I knew when we moved here that it was prime bluebird habitat. There’s a small cemetery across the road that’s mowed weekly, and with our lot and our neighbor’s there are probably 3-4 acres of open ground here. I am keeping my fingers crossed they will stick around and feed on our nice juicy organic insects and berries.

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3 Responses to Bluebirds!

  1. What beautiful birds. I have not seen them where we live. I can see why you like them so much. I hope they love your insects and berries and that more are to come :0)

  2. Christine B. says:

    I can’t believe how bright of a blue they are! Our closest bird to that color here in Anchorage, Alaska is probably the Stellar’s Jay but it’s more of a dark, navy-ish type blue. Congrats on finding the little beauties at your new place.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. dutchbaby says:

    I completely understand your enthusiasm for these enchanting birds. We see them twice a year in Stanford, CA. I always celebrate their arrival.

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