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At Happy Acres we like tough plants. We don’t have a lot of time to coddle and baby our plants, so we tend to lean towards ones that survive with a minimum of fuss and bother. We have large number … Continue reading

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Storms this past week have left us with some cleanup work that needs to be done. A couple of large limbs snapped in one of our wild black cherry trees. Fortunately the limbs didn’t fall on anyone or anything.   … Continue reading

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Too Close For Comfort

Right before I went to bed Tuesday night, I heard a loud BAM outside from a close lightning strike. We had the drapes drawn, so I couldn’t really see the flash from the lightning, but I could tell it was … Continue reading

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There has been a subtle shift in the weather the last few days. It has become less ‘summery’, and more like fall. The high temperature today is forecast to be only 80F, with a low tonight of 51. The change … Continue reading

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About a week or so ago my wife and I noticed a large part of our giant elm tree appeared to be dying. We immediately feared Dutch Elm Disease, and after meeting with two different arborists this past week we … Continue reading

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