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The 2017 All-America Selections Winners

The lineup of 2017 AAS Winners has been announced, and in the edibles category so far it includes five national winners and three regional winners. For those who might not be familiar with it, All-America Selections (AAS) is an independent, … Continue reading

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Pepper Game

As a young kid growing up, the game of ‘pepper’ was something that involved a baseball, and a bat. Those games are far behind me now, and these days the ‘pepper game’ involves the peppers from the garden. And right about now, they are starting to ripen, which means I need to get it in gear and do something with them. Continue reading

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August Harvests, and Rain!

Already the month of August has brought some welcome rain to our gardens. After getting only 13 inches of rain for the whole year in the first seven months, we got almost 4 inches in one week alone! Normal rainfall … Continue reading

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Vegetable List For 2012

I’ve come up with a tentative list of vegetable varieties I’m planning on growing in 2012. Last month I took inventory of my seed supplies, then I started looking at the 2012 seed catalogs as they arrived to find any … Continue reading

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The summer garden crops are finally showing signs of a little slowdown. Not a stoppage, mind you, just a slowdown. The tomato harvest has slowed down to a reasonable level, while the pole beans have gotten a second wind and … Continue reading

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