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Bluebird Update

Songbird babies grow up so fast! The young bluebirds are now eight days old. At this stage of development, their eyes open and their feathers start to come in. And when the nest box is opened for monitoring, they no … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Bluebird Babies

Right on schedule, the bluebird eggs began hatching yesterday, 13 days after the last one was laid. The normal incubation period for bluebirds is 12-14 days. When I checked yesterday morning around 9am, there were 5 eggs in the nest … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Nests

Well, the bluebirds have been busy here the last few days. And they’ve been doing some surprising things after the raccoons trashed their first nest. Just two days later, they started building a nest in the PVC nest box situated … Continue reading

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Bluebirds, Take Two

It didn’t take long for the bluebirds to decide on their next move. Almost immediately after disaster struck their first nest, they started building another. I saw them eyeing this Gilbertson PVC nest box yesterday. This morning I went out … Continue reading

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Bluebird Predation

Life is full of dangers for songbirds and their young. Wednesday afternoon our bluebird babies were alive and well. Thursday morning, I found the mounting pole and nest box laying on the ground.   Looking closer, I saw nesting material … Continue reading

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