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October Harvests: Greens, Roots, and…Green Beans?

By this time of year the pace of the garden here has usually slowed down quite a bit. And that slower pace is always a welcome relief to me!  Greens and root vegetables often play a starring role at this … Continue reading

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Getting Our Second Wind

The heat and drought this year was hard on gardens and gardeners alike. The rain came back here in early August, which was too late to help the farmers’ corn crop, but was much appreciated by backyard gardeners like me. … Continue reading

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Scaling Back

I have deciding to scale back my normal fall garden plantings this year at HA. The heat wave and drought of 2012 have truly worn me out. My wife and I have been struggling to keep plants alive for several … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: The Buck Stops Here

No, I’m not talking about the fact that I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. Actually, wild horses couldn’t drag me out shopping today. But earlier in the week something did get me running outside with my camera. I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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Protection Racket, Fall Plantings

It seems that everything I plant for the late summer and fall garden needs some kind of protection. This time of year, with hot and dry conditions, I like to give everything a thick mulch after planting. I usually use … Continue reading

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