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Garden Winterizing

Even though we’ve yet to have our first frost or freeze, the calendar says it is time to start many of the annual winterizing tasks associated with gardening. For instance, I need to replace the row cover material on the … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: The Buck Stops Here

No, I’m not talking about the fact that I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. Actually, wild horses couldn’t drag me out shopping today. But earlier in the week something did get me running outside with my camera. I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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Raccoons, the Birds, and the Beez

I suppose that might sound like the title of a children’s book, or perhaps a suggestive play or novel. But no, this is a G-rated blog, and it’s just an update on the wildlife here at HA. I started off … Continue reading

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Today’s post is written by a guest author, Freddy. I gotta tell you, I was living the good life there for a while. I had a roof over my head, a nice swimming pool, and plenty of peace and quiet. … Continue reading

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