February Seed Starting Update

Here’s a quick update on my seed starting activities here in late February. It’s a busy time of year for me when seed starting season begins, and I am always babysitting lots of seedlings. I started parsley seeds back in early February, and they are all ready to be potted up now into individual 3.5″ pots. I like to grow several different flatleaf parsley varieties, and the one in the photo is Gigante di Napoli (aka Giant of Naples). It has large, flavorful leaves and does well for me here for both in-ground and container plantings.

parsley ready to be transplanted

A little over a week ago I started petunia seeds, and they have all sprouted now. I keep them covered and on a thermostatically controlled heating mat until the leaves emerge, then move them off the mat. They are beginning to get their first true leaves now, and I will wait for another couple of weeks before I transplant them into individual 3.5″ pots. I have several varieties of Wave petunias started, and the one in the photo is one I’m growing for the first time called Easy Wave Sky Blue.

petunia seedlings at 9 days after sowing

I usually start lettuce indoors, sowing the seeds in a 128-cell plug flat. This flat was sown back on February 5th, and thinned about a week ago. They are ready to be planted out in the greenhouse now when space is available.

plug flat of lettuce seedlings

lettuce ready to plant

I also sowed a plug flat of mixed greens, including mizuna, arugula and pac choi. they should be ready for planting out in a week or so. I will grow these in containers in the greenhouse.

mizuna and arugula seedlings

I like to grow some of the smaller fruited eggplant varieties in containers to get a jump on the season. Fairy Tale and Gretel are two of my favorites for containers, and this year I want to try growing 2022 AAS Winner Icicle that way too. I start these in a 3.5″ pot and transplant to individual 3.5″ pots once the true leaves appear. As with the petunias, I keep them on the heating mat until they sprout.

eggplant seedlings

That’s a look at my seed starting status so far. It’s about time to sow the spring brassicas I grow, including kohlrabi, broccoli and cabbage. You can visit my Seed Starting and Planting Schedule to see more details about when I start and plant things here in our garden. I’ll be back soon with more happenings from Happy Acres!

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