Harvest Monday February 21, 2022

It’s time once again for Harvest Monday, where we celebrate all things harvest related. The only harvest I made last week was a cutting of lettuce from the greenhouse. That was enough to keep us supplied for a bit, since our cold weather has us mostly eating warm foods lately. It looks like Panisse, Frisygo, Strawberry Oakheart and Salanova Red Butter was in this batch.

greenhouse lettuce

They made for a good mix of colors and textures on our salad plates. The salad in the photo had egg and pecans for protein, along with some fruit from the grocery.

lunch salad

Sweet potatoes are a winter staple for us here, and last year I dug a bumper crop of them. The white-fleshed and purple-skinned Murasaki is one of my favorites for baking whole. The flesh is drier than most orange fleshed varieties, and has a sweet nutty flavor. We baked a big one up last week and shared it as a side dish. I eat mine skin and all, since the skin is loaded with nutrients.

baked Murasaki sweet potato

Last night, I made Sweet Potatoes Anna with a mix of white, purple and orange fleshed varieties. I sliced them thinly on the mandoline slicer, then I tossed them with a mix of melted butter and olive oil before layering and baking in a cast iron skillet until crispy on the bottom and sides. This makes for a good use of the smaller potatoes too, and I used one each of Purple, Beauregard and Korean Purple for the dish, and seasoned it with salt and a bit of crushed thyme..

trio of sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Anna

Seed starting is really ramping up here now, and I spent time sowing more seeds last week as well as thinning lettuce and other greens that were coming up. I hope to do an update on those activities soon.

lettuce seedlings

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to share, add your name and blog link to Mr Linky below. And be sure and check out what everyone is harvesting!

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9 Responses to Harvest Monday February 21, 2022

  1. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before Dave, we’ve never managed a storage crop of sweet potato, but we’ve done really well with Yakon, I wonder weather you’ve tried it. Stores well too, but it’s sweet, crisp and fresh tasting, a bit like a cross between and apple and a pear, but it stays crisp after cooking.

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      Funny you should mention yacon Steve! We bought some at a farmer’s market when we were in Hawaii last month. We liked the taste, but not really well enough for me to try growing it here.

  2. Those little lettuce looks gorgeous, all perfect and new! I have shared my blog as I thought you might like to see the storm damage on the plots, although in this area houses were OK thank goodness

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      The storm damage looks terrible Kathy. I was wondering how the plots were faring after seeing all the storm footage on TV here.

  3. Those potatoes anna look delicious and could be done with any potatoes. Nice thought too about small or odd-shaped potatoes.

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      We also dice the small ones up to make hash. They are all useable, even if they aren’t all the same size like the graded ones you see at the grocery.

  4. Sue Garrett says:

    We like to bake our potatoes in exactly the wsame way as you do your sweet potatoes,

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