Blackberries All Year Long

Blackberries are without a doubt the most prolific and easy to grow berry in our neck of the woods. Our little patch of thornless varieties, now about 5 years old, is giving us about 10 gallons of berries each year for a minimum amount of effort. It should keep on producing for another 10-15 years if we take good care of the plants and soil.

these thornless Apache blackberries are big and sweet (click on any image to enlarge)

So, what do we do with all those blackberries? Of course, we eat them fresh when they are in season. The blackberry season usually runs from June until August for us here. And we freeze a lot of them for use later. We use the dry pack freezing method, washing and draining the berries then packing into freezer bags or containers.

Last week some of those frozen berries wound up in a cobbler my wife made. You can find her recipe here on her blog, and it’s a perfect size for the two of us, making 4 servings.

blackberry cobbler

She also made me a batch of blackberry syrup, sometimes called blackberry acid. Mixed with a little carbonated water, this is a real treat for me in summer – or in March when the temperature soars to August-like readings! Her lightened-up recipe for the syrup can be found here.

blackberry syrup

We also use the blackberries to make blackberry leather, blackberry jello, and blackberry pops. And they wind up in a lot of breakfast smoothies. We’re always on the lookout for more ways to use our blackberries.

blackberry soda



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