Photo Friday: We Had A Blue Christmas

Regular visitors here may remember that Happy Acres played host to a nesting pair of Eastern Bluebirds last year. They had two broods of young, which means there should be a few additional bluebirds flying around out there. And on Christmas Eve, I do believe some of them came to visit.

I first saw two of them on top of a PVC nest box. As I watched, I saw they were going in and out of the boxes, checking them out. It looked like a male and a female, so I thought it could be the adult pair that nested here. Eastern Bluebirds don’t necessarily migrate in winter around here, though they will range as far as necessary to find food.

bluebirds on nesting box (click on any image to enlarge)

Then I saw some more flashes of blue flying around. It looked like more than just a pair! They didn’t sit still for long, but I managed to count at least 5 of them that came to visit. And four of them perched in a tree long enough for me to get a photo. At least three of them appear to be males, though the fourth one might be male as well.

bluebirds sitting in wild cherry tree

They were gone in a few minutes, though I did see them later in the day flying around in the cemetery across the road from us. It was an unexpected Christmas present for me, and I am hoping they will be back in spring when it is time to build a nest!

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5 Responses to Photo Friday: We Had A Blue Christmas

  1. Sharon says:

    They are beautiful!!!

  2. Robin says:

    What a nice surprise! They are beautiful. I have never seen any bluebirds around here.

  3. Liz says:

    They are really lovely. Here we have a small bird called blue wren which also has a vivid blue on its wings (well the male ones do anyway). i was potting up some seedlings in my parents potting shed yesterday when I could feel something flapping around my ears – sure enough it was a blue wren after a wasp that was trapped against the shade cloth on the roof of the shed. I always enjoy seeing blue in nature, I guess because its comparatively rare.

  4. Jody says:

    Beautiful picture!

  5. How fun! Maybe they’re shopping for spring real estate? I think the bird housing market is probably a little more competitive than ours 😉 I hope the Bluebirds nest there again this spring. I’m hoping our Flycatchers return too…this time I’ve hung a bird house under the eave so maybe they’ll stop nesting on the porch light. Maybe.

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