Vegetable List For 2012

I’ve come up with a tentative list of vegetable varieties I’m planning on growing in 2012. Last month I took inventory of my seed supplies, then I started looking at the 2012 seed catalogs as they arrived to find any new (to me) varieties I might want to try. I also noted some interesting varieties that other gardeners grew in 2011.

I’ve ordered most of my seeds by now, though I’m sure I will find a few things I need when it comes time to actually begin the seed starting process. Thanks to my seed saving efforts and swapping with others, I needed to order less seed than in years past – which is a good thing.

I also took a hard look at what performed well last year, and what didn’t. And then I adjusted my list accordingly! It was a banner year for tomatoes in 2011, but some varieties did not do well at all. So they are outta here! I will be planting more of the outstanding performers like Jetsetter, Eva Purple Ball and Cherokee Purple. And I will try a couple of new ones, like Black Krim and Lynn’s BFF tomato Vinson Watts.

I will also be growing a nice assortment of sweet and hot peppers this year. I still have a few of the Happy Yummy seeds if anyone is interested. You can read about this new open pollinated ‘rogue’ pepper I discovered in this post.

Asian Greens: Gai Lan Green Lance, Komatsuna Summerfest, Maruba Santoh, Mizuna Kyoto, Mizuna Ruby Streaks, Pak Choi Black Summer,Pak Choi Ching Chiang, Pak Choi Fun Jen, Pak Choi Mei Qing, Pak Choi Red Choi, Senposai, Tatsoi, Tokyo Bekana, Yukina Savoy

Beans (bush): Purple Queen, Derby

Beans (pole): Emerite, Fortex, Helda, Marvel of Venice, Musica, Yardlong Bean Red Noodle, Yardlong Bean White Seeded

Broccoli: Apollo, Diplomat, Packman

Cabbage: Earliana, Farao, Parel, Stonehead, Super Red

Carrots: Mokum, Nelson, Yaya

Cauliflower: Snow Crown

Chard: Lucullus, Ruby Red, Verde Da Taglio

Cucumber: Dasher 2, Green Fingers, Manny’s, Summer Dance, Summer Top, Tasty Green, Tasty Jade

Eggplant: Beatrice, Dancer, Dusky, Fairy Tale, Galine, Hansel, Little Prince, Pingtung Long, Rosa Bianca, Raveena, Rosita, Thai Long Green

Endive: Bianca Riccia, Red Belgian, Tres Fine

Greens: Arugula, Arugula Even’ Star, Arugula Ice-Bred, Mache Large Dutch, Mustard Purple Rapa Pop Mix, Purslane Golden, Saisai Leaf Radish

Kale: Beedy’s Camden, Lacinato, Rainbow Lacinato, Winterbor

Kohlrabi: Kolibri, Kossak, Winner

Lettuce: Anuenue, Australian Yellow Leaf, Deer Tongue, Des Morges Braun, Devil’s Ear, Double Density, Flashy Trout Back, Gentilina, Hyper Red Rumple, Lingua di Canarino, Loma, Merlot, Oak Leaf, Radichetta, Red Sails, Rouge d’Hiver, Ruby, Sierra, Simpson Elite, Spotted Trout(aka Forellenschluss), Winter Density

Okra: Burmese, Louisiana Green Velvet, Perkins Long Pod

Onion: Candy, Guardsman, Walla Walla, White Spear

Pepper(hot): Aji Dulce, Anaheim, Ancho 211, Biggie Chili, Fushimi, Golden Greek, Happy Yummy, Holy Mole, Jalapeno El Jefe, Pasila Bajio, Serrano Del Sol

Pepper (sweet): Bell Boy, Big Bertha, Carmen, Giant Marconi, Golden Calwonder, Gypsy, Gourmet, Happy Yummy, Jimmy Nardello’s, Jupiter, Orange Blaze, Pimento di Padron, Snapper, Yummy

Potato: Kennebec, Red Norland, Yukon Gold

Radicchio: Castelfranco, Indigo, Variegata di Lusia

Radish: China Rose, Green Meat, Minowase Summer Cross, Shinden Risoh

Spinach: Gigante Inverno, Merlo Nero, Space, Viroflay

Squash(summer): Cavili, Enterprise, Gentry, Partenon, Striato d’Italia, Superpik, Surething, Tondo Nizza

Squash(winter): Boston Marrow, Bush Delicata, Early Butternut, Gold Nugget, Kumi Kumi, Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck(pumpkin), Small Wonder(spaghetti), Table Ace

Sweet Potatoes: Beauregard, Hernandez

Tomatillo: Purple, Verde

Tomatoes: Amish Paste, Better Boy, Big Mama, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Champion II, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Eva Purple Ball, Golden Rave, Golden Sweet, Green Zebra, Health Kick, Jetsetter, Juliet, Mountain Fresh Plus, Mountain Magic, Rio Grande, Sun Gold, Super Sweet 100, Vinson Watts, Viva Italia

Turnips: Hakurei, Oasis, Purple Top White Globe, Tokyo Cross

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