Remembering Sidd

Our 15+ year old Sidd has been dealing with an ever growing tumor in his mouth for about a month now, and today my wife and I decided it was time to end his suffering and have him put to sleep. He was truly a special cat, and spoiled rotten. I will always remember him on his mama’s lap, reaching for her hand, or nuzzling her face. That was his favorite place to be, without a doubt.

Sidd enjoying the paper (click on any image to enlarge)

His second favorite place to be was out in the sunshine. For an old fellow, if you ever wanted to see a spring in his step all you had to do was open the door to the screened in porch, and he would come running. He would lay for hours, basking in the warm sunshine.

another favorite place for Sidd to sleep

He was certainly not camera shy, and I have a lot of great pics – many of him sleeping of course. I’ll close with one of my favorite photos of him, napping on the couch with the TV remote control under his paw.

Sidd with TV remote

Rest well, Sidd. You will surely be missed. My wife has a lot of great photos of him on her blog in her memorial post Goodbye Siddhartha.

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