Meet the New Neighbors

It looks like some new neighbors have moved in. At a glance, they seem to resemble another family that moved in last year.

It seems to be a family of three – a mother and two young ones. They were standing in the cemetery right across the road from us.

new neighbors, checking out the 'hood (click on any image to enlarge)

They were all ears when I stepped over to get a closer look.

the second of the young twins

I guess I got a little too close, because they started to hurry off. The twins were first to leave.

one fawn exiting the scene

The mother followed right behind. I wish I could say I was happy to see them, but I’m not. We already have enough deer in our suburban area as it is – too many in fact. We counted over a dozen in one herd last winter. There’s simply not enough habitat for the number of deer, plus they keep right on reproducing. Their only predator in our immediate area is the automobile, and that’s definitely a one-sided battle the deer will never win. I’ve seen one accident right in front of our house and several near misses.

the doe was the last to leave

We have to protect everything we grow in order to keep the deer from eating it all. The vegetables are fenced in or covered up, and everything else gets doused with repellent on a regular basis. It’s unfortunate, but our Welcome Wagon gift to them will not be a cake or cookies. I’m afraid it’s going to have to be more Deer Stopper. Or maybe the Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent this time.


deer repellents

Both do the job for us, but they must be reapplied every 3-4 weeks, and even more often in rainy weather. I guess I could always hope these three will locate someplace else, but I’m not holding my breath. Anybody want some wildlife in your backyard? Have I got a deal for you!

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11 Responses to Meet the New Neighbors

  1. Robin says:

    It may be time for you to take up hunting 🙂 The herds are so big any more. I guess in part from less people hunting. I had a herd of at least 80 on the farm which was 62 acres. Every year I would bring in a bow hunter to try to thin the herd out a bit.

  2. Thomas says:

    I keep some deer repellent on hand but luckily we’ve never had to use it. Hour home is fairly suburban but we a HUGE deer grazing in our yard last year. They are such beautiful creatures in my opinion.

  3. Mindy says:

    They are so cute, however, I know the damage they can do! Good luck with your efforts to keep them away, looks like you have a good plan! Happy Gardening

  4. Mike R says:

    Nice to look at but problematic. Deer and Canada geese are the two large animals that I don’t want around on a regular basis. They both have adapted well to people and make havoc in a garden. The deer here only approach by crossing the levee and I usually walk out to meet them, which is enough to turn them around.

  5. Noooo thanks! I love to watch them, especially the fawns, but after they tried to decimate our orchard and garden last year, I’m happy to watch yours from afar! 😉

  6. Daphne says:

    When I saw the first photo, I knew you meant the deer moving in. But I couldn’t help but think the Smith family ghosts had moved in.

  7. Marcia says:

    We have their relatives here. Saw a doe and two tiny fawns last week. I use the Liquid Fence religiously from the first sign of growth on the hostas and day lilies. They nipped some of the new buds on the hostas that had sprouted since the last dosage. They also ate the green sweet potato vine from the pots in the front. I’d forgotten to spray those the last time around.
    We are surrounded by 8 acres of woodlands that we own plus the woodlands of our neighbors so there are other things for them to eat. Oh, as I write this I see one down next to the driveway eating greenery that grows wild. He can have it with my blessings.

  8. Shawn Ann says:

    They are cute, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could fill your freezer instead of eating your garden!

  9. GrafixMuse says:

    Great photos! We have been seeing mostly the back end of deer in our yard lately especially when we let our dog, Bradie outside. Luckily they tend to stay away from feeding on the garden and feed on the apples in another part of the yard instead. Although, I noticed today that my raspberry plants were trimmed a bit in the last day or so.

  10. Good luck with keeping them out of your garden! They are so beautiful to look at, but I know they are a great source of frustration to gardeners…I hope your methods will work and that they won’t cause too much damage!

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