I’d Like To Meet The Chicken

We get two dozen eggs every month from our chicken CSA. The eggs are ungraded, with different sizes in each carton. Mostly the eggs are fairly similar in size. But the last carton I opened had a big surprise waiting inside.


whoa! (click on any photo to enlarge)

Does anything jump out in the photo above?


no, my hand didn't shrink, that's just a big egg

That one egg is a WHOPPER! I expected it to have a double yolk, and it did. We used it in a frittata I made the other day. I wasn’t sure whether to count it as one egg or two! I’d like to thank the hen that laid that egg. We got a baker’s dozen for sure with that carton.


double yolker

This month’s CSA pickup is tomorrow. We’ll be ready for any eggz-citement that happens to come our way!

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3 Responses to I’d Like To Meet The Chicken

  1. Robin says:

    At first I thought that the other eggs were small. That’s one heck of an egg!

  2. Jason says:

    We have four chickens, four different varieties, and so our egg stock looks a lot like that every day, with the occasional double-yoked monster. we also get the other end of the spectrum at times, with a tiny egg here and there.

  3. johanna says:

    Too funny. People come in all different sizes and shapes. Why not eggs and hens.

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