Snow Day

We got about an inch of snow overnight, not enough to cause any real problems but enough to put some schools on a delayed start. Days like these make me happy to be retired. I don’t have to go out on the roads unless I want to.

I planned for the forecasted snow and ran some necessary errands yesterday. So I think I will stay at home today and take a Snow Day! Looking around the garden, I don’t think I will be needing this cage for cucumbers any time soon. I really need to put it in the shed.

snow on cage

The snow crystals are so delicate and beautiful.

snow crystals

And I doubt we will be sitting out on the screened porch much today. It’s a little too chilly out there! I love how the snow sticks on the screens.

snowy porch screens

Actually, I think my task for this morning will be to clean out the cabinet with our baking supplies. It could stand to be a bit more organized. Don’t you think that sounds like fun?

this cabinet needs organizing

I tell you, it sure beats having to go to work! Hope you are enjoying your day – snowy or not.

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10 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Ali says:

    I look forward to retirement some day….
    I have a question about your tomato cages. In your post about them you write “The cages are all either 22 or 24 inches wide (72 inch or 78 inch diameter).” This confuses me. I am hoping to make some this winter, and I am trying to decide what remesh to purchase. Did you mean 72″ in circumference? That would give you a diameter of about 22 inches. What is the height of your cages?

    And what is the size of your cucumber cage?

    • Villager says:

      Ali, the post should have said they are 22 or 24 inches in diameter, 72 or 78 inches in circumference. The 72 inches works out to 12 of the 6 inch squares. They are all 5 feet tall. I got the remesh that was in a roll, probably 5ft x 100ft, though it came in other sizes. I cut a 72 inch length off the roll, leaving 6″ ‘prongs’ that are used to hold the cages together. I also cut the bottom rung of wire off to leave 6″ ‘legs’ to stick in the ground. Since I use newspaper for mulch, I just lay it on the ground around the tomato plant, and spear it with the cage legs to hold it in place. Mother Earth has a good article that explains how to make the cages (or towers as they call them).

      Here is a photo showing how I wrap the prongs to secure them in place.

      MG’s made 50-60 of these cages to use in our Food Pantry garden. They’ve been in use for about 4 years now, and really work well.

      The cucumber cages came with the house. I am not sure what the previous owners used them for, but I’ve been using them for cukes. They are all 5ft tall and 16-18 inches in diameter.

      • Ali says:

        Thanks. I picked up my roll of remesh yesterday. You should have seen the look the lumberyard guy gave me when I told him it was going in my car! Now to get it out of my car….

  2. johanna says:

    love the setting of your house. the greenhouse looks great.

  3. Kaytee says:

    I love how out by you, 1 inch of snow delays schools. Out here, people barely blink at that.

    I’m glad someone asked you about those tomato cages. I was going to purchase some sturdy ones this year, but now I’m thinking of making those. Is it easy to harvest the tomatoes through the wire?

    • Villager says:

      Yes, Kaytee, it doesn’t take much snow these days to cause school delays.

      The openings in the tomato cages are 6 inches by 6 inches. I find it is very easy to get to the tomatoes and get them out of the cages. Last year I experimented with planting two vines per cage, and I will do more of that this year. Two vines makes for more foliage in the cage and the vines seem to support each other better. Of course the yield is better too!

      • Kaytee says:

        Thanks for the info! I think I now have a winter project. Do you think it would work for determinate varieties? With perhaps shorter cages?

      • Villager says:

        Shorter cages would be great for determinate types. I only made one height so I use the 5-footers for all varieties. It’s overkill for the shorter ones, but it works.

  4. Well, I think I’d spend a snow day curled up by the fire with a blanket and a good book, but there is something very satisfying about getting a reorganizing project completed. 🙂

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