Holiday Bloomers

I thought I’d show off some of my bloomers today. I’m not quite sure what to call them though. Do you call them Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus? Regardless of their common name, these Schlumbergera hybrids are blooming in time for the holidays. They’re just not sure which holiday!
This one with golden blooms is ‘Christmas Flame’, a recent addition to the collection.

Schlumbergera 'Christmas Flame'

Another new one is the pinkish flowered ‘Christen’. That’s what I get for being on Logee’s email list. They are always enticing me to buy something new!

Schlumbergera 'Christen'

I’ve had this red one for at least three seasons now. It is covered in blooms, and just starting to open.

Red Christmas Cactus

I’ve got two more plants that are budded and will bloom before long. Another pink variety (Pink Stars) hasn’t budded up yet. It is usually later blooming. Maybe it will be a Valentine’s Day Cactus!

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  1. Robin says:

    I have two red so called “Christmas” cactus. They are from my honorary mother’s plant which is well over 20 years old. They usually bloom on Halloween and Easter. Some years they will bloom three times. This year they are a little slower…so, I will call them Thanksgiving cactus.

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