Macro Monday: What’s Red, Green & Blue?

Today I decided to have a little fun and focus on three colors to photograph: red, green and blue. This theme comes courtesy of David Perry’s recent assignment to pick one of the three colors and make a picture that features the color. Restraint is not exactly one of my strong suits, so I decided to do all three, since everywhere I looked yesterday it seemed one or more of the colors was leaping out at me.

First there was this lonely red bougainvillea bract, a solo bloom standing out on this mostly-bare plant from my basement fluorescent light garden:

red Barbara Karst bougainvillea

red Barbara Karst bougainvillea

Then there was this green, extra curled parsley I snipped to go in our chicken soup:

green curled parsley

nothing says green quite like parsley

Finally, my breakfast blueberries wound up in this photo featuring the color blue, which also used another of David Perry’s assignments (Macro in a Mason Jar):

frozen blueberries, 2009 harvest

frozen blueberries, 2009 harvest

For this last photo I put the Mason jar on a blue dustpan to give a little blue tint to the glass and to lighten up the dark blueberries a bit:

setup for third photo

setup for third photo

To see more close ups and macro photography, visit Macro Monday. Or submit your own photos and join in the fun at Lisa’s Chaos.


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