Hanging On

After reading the great photography write up Composing With Color by Saxon Holt over at Gardening Gone Wild, I was inspired by the scene right out my home office window. The few red leaves of Euonymus alatus left hanging on the shrub were the only bright spots I could see on a drab and cloudy day. The actual view from my window was more like the unedited first photo below. But in my minds eye, I was focused on only one leaf, which I tried to bring out in the much-tweaked second photo. I’ll be the first to admit that many of my attempts at photo editing look amateurish at best. I’m not entirely happy with this effort, but it is a learning process and hopefully I grow a bit with each project. I do like how the one red leaf contrasts with the mostly grey colors of the Euonymus bark.

Burning bush

Burning bush

One Burning Leaf

One Burning Leaf

Once outside with my camera, I was inspired by all the other things I saw that were “hanging on” both literally and figuratively. Though it’s November 16th, and most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, there are still a lot of interesting things going on in the garden. My story of Hanging On follows, all with photos taken today, and edited ever-so-lightly.

Marigold Summer Splash

Marigold Summer Splash

Nicotiana alata has seen better days

Nicotiana alata flower has seen better days

Marigold Red Gem

dried blossom of Tithonia, left hanging on

dried Tithonia blossom, truly left hanging on

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3 Responses to Hanging On

  1. Hello,

    I enjoyed your photos very much. You are definitely getting the hang of photo editing. I especially love the photo with the single leaf, the vibrant colors of the leaf against the branches were a great contrast.

  2. Hi,
    So glad I found your blog through Blotanical. I’ll be adding it to my blogroll at Southernpost.net

    Happy Gardening,

  3. Villager says:

    Thank you Noelle, it was a good exercise in photo editing to be sure. I need to spend more time learning how, but mostly I’d rather be gardening!

    Jackie, thanks for checking out my blog. I added your blog (and Noelle’s) to my blogroll here as well. And I’m crossing my fingers on your latest soil amendments to your raised beds.

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