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Monday Recap: The Deep Freeze

This year winter has arrived here early for sure. We are having January weather in November, which has me wondering what January weather will be like! Last week I made a sweep of the garden to bring in a few … Continue reading

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Squash, Scapes and Parsley

Yesterday I spent much of the morning planting and then mulching the bush squashes. I planted 16 of them in a 40 by 4 foot bed. That is a lot of squash, but I also have some vining types yet … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: 2013 Cutting Room Floor

I was going back through my image folders recently and saw a lot of shots that, for whatever reason, never made it to the blog. So, here are a few of them for your viewing. We started off 2013 with … Continue reading

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Covering Up & Cleaning Up the Garden

Around here it’s time to get the garden ready for winter. We’ve had several killing frosts, so all the tender plants are done for the season. I’ve been taking advantage of the warmer days to work outside whenever possible. And … Continue reading

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Weeding and Fertilizing the Garlic

After spending the winter all snug in their beds, I decided it was time to weed and fertilize the garlic plants today. Like its cousin the onion, garlic is a fairly heavy feeder that doesn’t like competition from weeds. I … Continue reading

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