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In A Holding Pattern

With our May weather here turning colder than usual, I have delayed planting any of the warm season vegetables for the time being. Tomatoes, peppers, squash and beans both prefer and need warmer temperatures than we are having. So I … Continue reading

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April Planting Update

I took advantage of our recent dry weather and did a little planting outside this week. First off, I got one of the beds behind the greenhouse worked up and planted 25 kohlrabi seedlings. I added compost and organic fertilizer … Continue reading

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Stars of the Garden in 2020 Part 1

Once again it’s time for my annual review of what did well in the garden, and what didn’t. Local weather certainly has a big influence on home gardens, and Happy Acres is no exception. The amount of rainfall, temperatures, and … Continue reading

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Fermenting The Fall Harvest

I have been busy the last few days fermenting some of the fall veggies I have harvested recently. Fermenting is one of my favorite ways to preserve the harvest as well as to add flavor, and fermented veggies in particular … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday November 30, 2020

It’s time for Harvest Monday, where we celebrate all things harvest related. It is still salad season here, and with mild weather so far the greenhouse lettuce is plentiful. I think the winter lettuce is often the best of all, … Continue reading

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