Harvest Monday July 10, 2023

It’s time once again for Harvest Monday, where we celebrate all things harvest related. This will be a brief harvest report since I have been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of days. The harvests don’t stop though, and I generally visit the garden early in the morning to beat the heat even when I’m not feeling poorly. There’s a bit more kohlrabi and cabbage left sizing up, and the squash is still coming on strong, including the first tromboncino.

July harvest

Another morning harvest featured eggplant and Burgundy broccoli along with assorted squashes. I never know quite what to expect when I head to the garden to harvest. Rule number one for me is: take a Tubtrug! And my little harvest knife.

another harvest

The container grown eggplant is producing well now, and I’m getting a nice assortment of Icicle, Fairy Tale and Gretel.

assorted eggplant

The best performing broccoli here so far this spring has been Burgundy. It doesn’t make a huge main head, but the side shoots are large, numerous and tasty. I used some to make Lemon-Broccoli Pasta with Parmesan last week, served along with some pan seared trout.

Burgundy broccoli

broccolli with pasta and fish

The greenhouse cucumbers are slowly beginning to produce. I got a Mini-Munch last week to add to our salads.

Mini Munch cucumber

We’ve been trying to come up with new and creative ways to use our bounty of vegetables coming in. I made a casserole dish of Baked Ziti & Summer Veggies last week that was a big hit. The veggies including lots of yellow squash and zucchini, plus green onions, fresh basil and oregano. A bit of tomato from a local farm stand added color and flavor, and I mixed in ricotta and mozzarella cheeses along with one egg before baking. I plan to make this again, and I think eggplant and pepper would also be good additions. I served it up with some green leaf lettuce (not ours) topped with olive oil and parmesan cheese. There were no leftovers that night!

Baked Ziti & Summer Veggies

One tried and true way to cook our veggies is an easy one – roasting in the oven either on a sheet pan or in a cast iron skillet. One lunch meal last week featured Centercut squash cooked in the skillet along with eggplant roasted on a sheet pan. I’m not sure I ever get tired of this treatment when the veggies are fresh and flavorful.

roasted veggies with quesadilla

Harvest Monday is a day to show off your harvests, how you are saving your harvest, or how you are using your harvest. If you have a harvest you want to share, add your name and blog link to Mr Linky below. And please check out what everyone is harvesting!

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3 Responses to Harvest Monday July 10, 2023

  1. Will - EightGateFarmNH says:

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly Dave. I’m sure tasty and healthy meals from your harvests will speed your recovery!

  2. Sue Garrett says:

    It’s definitely a time for using up lots of veg especially thise that don’t freeze well

  3. This week I feel I finally harvested enough summer squash to compete with you Dave, but you won’t see if until next week. Hope you recover quickly : All the best – Steve

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