Photo Friday: The Iris Parade

When we bought our place back in 2007, it came with quite a few irises already planted. Since then, my wife has added considerably to the collection, and every year we enjoy them as they come into bloom. Here’s a few of them that are blooming this year. The first to open was Riveting, a dwarf bearded iris. It and all the other irises are running a couple of weeks ahead of last year.


Protocol is classified as an intermediate iris, and is one of my favorites. It really lights up the area when it’s blooming.


An old-fashioned type that was planted here extensively when we moved in is always early to bloom. My wife calls it Grandma’s because her grandparents had it planted. My parents did too, and it was the only iris they had.

Old-Fashioned iris

Blutique is fairly short, so it’s at the front of the bed where it can be admired more easily.

Blutique iris

Next to open up was Jurassic Park, another favorite of mine. It’s a tall one with canary yellow standards and lavender purple falls.

Jurassic Park iris

Next up is Change of Pace, another tall one in shades of pink and violet.

Change of Pace iris

Best Bet is a tall reblooming type, and another of my favorites.

Best Bet iris

Black Magic Woman opened a couple of days ago. It has dark red standards and jet black falls, and is quite striking to see in person. I typically start humming the Santana song of the same name whenever I see it!

Black Magic Woman iris

Another one that was planted here before we came is an all-blue one my wife calls Dave’s Favorite. I do like it, though it is truly hard to pick just one favorite with so many to choose from. It looks to me like one called Blue Shade that was introduced in the 1950’s – just like I was!

unknown iris

Romantic Evening also opened up a couple of days ago. The orange beard on the dark purple falls make this one a stunner to see.

Romantic Evening iris

Team Work also opened a couple of days ago. It too has a bright orange beard on the purple falls.

Teamwork iris

The last one to open up yesterday is one called Spirit Mountain. I think the dark violet color looks especially pretty with the yellow of Protocol behind it in the photo.

Spirit Mountain iris

I hope you have enjoyed a look at our collection of irises. And thanks to my wife for letting me share her photos. I’ll be back soon with more happenings from Happy Acres!

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  1. Wow! Those are spectacular.

  2. Melis says:

    What a beautiful show your wife has created! Gorgeous, indeed 🙂

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