More Spring Planting

This week I got a few more spring crops planted in a bed behind the greenhouse. Early last month I started kohlrabi plants indoors under lights along with other spring brassicas like cabbage and broccoli. They are now ready to plant, and the kohlrabi was the first to go in since the planting spot was mostly ready. Before planting I amended the soil with compost and some organic fertilizer and forked it in lightly to incorporate.

radish and kohlrabi seedlings

I set out 20 kohlrabi plants in the bed, which is roughly four foot square. Then I interplanted radishes between the kohlrabi plants, like I did with the kale I planted last week. The radishes will get pulled before the kohlrabi needs the space, and I did this last year with good results. This year I planted Beas, Kolibri and Terek kohlrabi, and the radish varieties were Rover, Crunchy King and Pink Beauty.

after planting

After planting I spread Sluggo Plus on the soil to help prevent slug damage, and I put new bird netting on the cover of the bed to keep out the critters. I will mulch the bed with shredded paper in a few days to help keep down the weeds and conserve soil moisture.

Kolibri plant

Meanwhile, the kale I planted last week has taken off as I predicted and is growing fast. I could get baby kale leaves now, but I think I will wait until they size up a bit. I actually have Tuscan Baby Leaf kale planted in the greenhouse as well, and I can use those leaves any time now as needed.

young kale plant

And as an experiment, I set out some Forum onion sets in the main vegetable garden. I planted the sets where collards were planted last fall. These sets can be planted in the spring and can be pulled for a green onion or left to grow for a dried bulb by the end of July. I will likely use most of these as green onions, and perhaps leave a few to grow longer. I got the sets from Roger and Mary Winstead of Beautiful Edibles farm for a swap with some of our Korean avocado squash seed.

Forum onion sets

planting holes for onions

Next it will be time to plant the spring brassicas in the main vegetable garden. That bed still needs to be prepped, and I plan to cover it with weed barrier material I used last year for the same crops. I hope you have enjoyed this update on the happenings from Happy Acres!

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2 Responses to More Spring Planting

  1. I do like your setup for kohl rabi and radish. I shall risk sowing some radish this weekend if it stays dry.
    I’m sure I couldn’t have resisted a few of those baby kale leaves but you’re ok if you have a backup supply 🙂

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      The interplanting with radishes seems to be working well Belinda. And as for the baby kale – it is there in case we need them!

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