Photo Friday: April Blooms

Today I thought I would share some of the blooming things we have here in early April. I  shared a photo of our flowering cherry tree earlier this week, but our pie cherry tree is loaded with blooms too. It’s a running joke with my wife, so I have to say we might get enough for a cobbler this year! Usually we get enough for several cobblers.

blooms on pie cherry tree

Another edible plant blooming right now is our blueberries. Our bushes are pretty much covered in blossoms, which bodes well for our blueberry harvest this year.

blueberry blooms

Not edible but pretty to look at, our azaleas are also loaded with blooms this year. I feed them every year with a little bit of fertilizer for acid-loving plants, but other than that they are pretty much maintenance free. We have six bushes of them, two each of red, pink and white.

azaleas blooming

closeup of pink azalea

closeup of white azalea

closeup of red azalea

Down low to the ground, our spring flowering phlox is blooming. This one is called Eye Candy, and it has pink and white striped blossoms. It is supposed to re-flower again in fall, though it’s our first year growing it so time will tell.

Phlox ‘Eye Candy’

Also down low, there are lots of Sweet violets blooming. We have two colors, one dark purple and the other whitish-purple. They are everywhere in our lawn, and they sometimes show up in our garden beds as well.

Sweet violet

Continuing with short plants, the Lily of the Valley plants are budding up now. Several years ago we got a start of these from a friend, and they have adapted quite well to a spot at the base of our mulberry tree. They will soon perfume the air with their sweet fragrance.

blooms on Lilly of the Valley

And speaking of fragrance, our Korean lilacs are just now beginning to bloom. We have several of these planted around the back of our house, and this time of year they greet us with their sweet smell every time we go out the back door.

Korean lilac blooming

Last but not least, the wildflower Butterweed is blooming around our gardens. It’s native to our part of the world, and though not planted by us on purpose the yellow flowers are cheerful and bright this time of year.

Butterweed blooms

I hope you have enjoyed this look at some of the blooms of late April here at Happy Acres. I’ll be back soon with more happenings!


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  1. Sue Garrett says:

    Lovely flowers. Lily of the valley is my birthday flower but it won’t flower in our garden.

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