A Few More Favorites in 2021

Back in August I gave a quick review of some of my favorites that I had been harvesting and eating at the time. Now it’s December, and I have a few more favorites to add to that list. I do like to try out new varieties, and even though not all of them work out for me here I often make new favorites that way. This year was no exception, and here are a few more of my favorites.

Aji Rico peppers

Aji Rico is a  hybrid hot pepper from the Capsicum baccatum species. This 2017 AAS Winner has crunchy, mildly hot peppers with a sweet citrus flavor. The plants are early to  bear also – at least for a baccatum pepper. And my plants are always loaded with fruit. They are great for fresh use and for turning into hot sauce, which is what I do with a lot of ours. I have grown it successfully both in containers and for in-ground plantings. The plants do get tall and can use some support when loaded with peppers, and I use cages or stakes for my plants.

Aji Rico peppers

One new green I tried this year is called Turnbroc, and it was an instant favorite the first time I cooked it up. It’s a green that resulted from a cross between turnips and broccoli, though to me the smooth leaves look more like turnips than broccoli. It has a mild flavor when cooked. Frost improves the flavor too, and the greens are tender when braised or sauteed. I got the seeds from Kitazawa Seed Company. I’ll be growing it again for sure.

Turnbroc greens

Since this is my first year growing it, I don’t know if the Turnbroc will live through our winter weather or not. I have it growing uncovered and lightly mulched, and so far it has survived low temperatures down to 20°F and other nights in the low 20s. The plants are still growing strong, and a five foot long single row has kept the two of us well supplied along with the other greens I am growing.

Turnbroc plants in December

In the non-edible department, Coleus Main Street Beale Street is a 2020 AAS Winner with  deep red foliage. It is later to flower than other coleus I have grown, and didn’t require pinching out or deadheading at all during the summer. It is the first-ever coleus to be named an AAS Winner, and is available in plant form only. I have brought ours indoors for the winter, and took a couple of cuttings to grow for next year.

Coleus Main Street Beale Street

It can tolerate both full sun and shade, and we had ours sitting out a sunny spot with other potted annuals. It made for a stunning display all summer long, and once potted up it needed no attention other than watering.

Coleus Main Street Beale Street with other annuals

I hope you have enjoyed this review of some of my favorite things from the garden in 2021. I’ll be back soon with more adventures from Happy Acres!

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2 Responses to A Few More Favorites in 2021

  1. Lane says:

    You are such an impressive gardener, Dave! I’ve learned from your efforts this year so thanks. Where are the aji rico seeds from? I did very well with hot peppers this year but would like to grow some with less heat. Yesterday, before our first snow, I picked the last of the brussel sprouts and some collards, cut the last of the rosemary, all in northern New England. Strange year indeed!

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      Thanks Lane! I got my Aji Rico seeds from Territorial Seed, but they are available from other sources like High Mowing Seeds and Totally Tomatoes. I am impressed with your Brussels sprouts harvest, because I have a really hard time growing them here.

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