Photo Friday: October Blooms

Here’s a peek at what’s blooming here in our gardens in early October. Over the years we have selected plants with an eye for having blooms throughout the growing season, and that planning is paying off now with lots of fall color. The native Goldenrod always puts on a good show this time of year, and I see it everywhere now along the roads and in un-mowed areas around Happy Acres. We have a couple of named varieties that are blooming for us now.

Fireworks Goldenrod

Fireworks has tiny yellow flowers on long, arching flower spikes. It nearly glows in the afternoon sunlight, and is attractive to butterflies and small pollinators.


The purple coneflowers have been blooming for several months now, and are a favorite of butterflies and bees. I saw both on them last week, and occasionally they were on the same flower at once.

bees and butterfly on purple coneflower

The fall blooming asters are also a favorite of the butterflies. I saw a skipper flying around from flower to flower one day. The nearby sedum flowers are done for the season, and they were a favorite of bees and butterflies too.

skipper on aster flower

The hardy hibiscus have been blooming for a couple of months now. Even though the individual flowers only last for a day, there are usually several open on any given day. Hummingbirds are attracted to them for the nectar, and I have seen butterflies on them as well.

hardy hibiscus

The helianthus Low Down and Sweet Daisy Birdy make colorful companions.

helianthus ‘Low Down’ and Sweet Daisy Birdy

Sweet Daisy Cher is on the other side of the Wild Garden, and has bloomed off and on all summer with waves of blossoms.

Sweet Daisy Cher

The butterfly weed is done blooming for the year, but the seed pods are opening to reveal the seeds which are attached to feathery cotton strands to enable them to travel with the wind.

butterfly weed seeds

We’ve had warmer than usual autumn weather here, and that has no doubt helped keep many of the perennials blooming. Before long cold weather will eventually arrive, and until then we will enjoy the flowers while they last. I hope you have enjoyed this update on what’s happening here at Happy Acres!

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2 Responses to Photo Friday: October Blooms

  1. Margaret says:

    Those hibiscus blooms are huge! I love the dwarf sunflower – I’ve never seen one like that before. Was this a garden centre purchase or can you grow it from seed?

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      I got the helianthus from Plant Delights Nursery. I don’t know if it can be grown from seed or not though.

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